I came up with this on a whim after one of my workouts. I had pureed yams in my fridge (I like to add it to soup or sauce), and thought, “Why not see how this works as a salad dressing?” Yams are creamy and sweet, and don’t need to be smothered in brown sugar or honey to stand out. I already substitute them for pumpkin or applesauce in baking…as a result of necessity for not having either in the pantry, and was really pleased.

It is so tasty that I’m going to try this with winter squash; you know, the stuff that looks too pretty to eat, or too puzzling to tackle.  Acorn, Kabocha, and Butternut are a few that are easy enough to come by.

Morroccan Yam Dressing

1/3 C Pureed Yam (unsalted)

Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar

EVOO, Safflower, and/or Grape seed Oil(s)

McCormik Moroccan Seasoning

Habenero sauce (I make my own, and it’s TOP secret) but use your favorite hot sauce, or not..


DSCN0952 DSCN0953 DSCN0954 DSCN0955 DSCN0957 DSCN0958



This is the EASIEST emulsification OUT there, because the yams do all the work, and you don’t have to wisk your wrist off.  It all boils down to personal taste.  Add spice to your liking, and thin to your liking adding more liquid as you like, be it hot sauce, vinegar, or water.  You could even brighten this up with some citrus, like lime or lemon juice.

As you can see with my carrot, this dressing can work as a dip too.  Even though it’s not pictured, I also used EVOO.  I try to eat my trinity of oils daily:  EVOO, Safflower, and Grape seed.


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