Yum. Who doesn’t love pesto, or a nice meaty white fish? I do! I do!! I like to take my pre-portioned, flash-frozen, wild-sustainable (where, when I can find and afford it) fish and thaw it in cold water before leaving my house for the day–in my case that entails a trip to my favorite happy place, the gym!

This is a quick, easy, and clean recipe that I think you might like. There’s no sautéing, baking, or grilling. All you need is a blender, or food processer (I used my baby bullet), microwave, and microwave safe container. I love that in about 5 minutes you can have an aromatic and lean protein that you can feel good about, and a tasty topper that is chocked full of antioxidants, fat-busting oils, and refreshing herbs and peppers.  I like my food with a kick, so I always try to get some heat in when I can.   In the case of this, I used Serrano peppers.


Cilantro Pecan Pesto

¼ c chopped orange bell pepper

¼ c chopped serrano peppers

½ c cilantro (stems included)

¼ c chopped Vidalia onion

¼ c raw chopped pecans

¼ c grated Romano cheese

Equal parts EVOO, Grape seed, and Safflower Oils.


Add all ingredients but the oils to food processor or blender.  Pulse then puree drizzling oils in in equal parts until desired consistency is obtained.

chopped Serranos



Vidalia onions

raw chopped pecans

grated Romano cheese

Trinity: EVOO, Grape seed, and Safflower Oils

Baby bullet finds another use


drizzling in safflower oil

Presto! It’s PESTO!

For the hake loin, I placed it in a microwave safe dish, added white balsamic vinegar, and white cooking wine.  For aromatics, I placed it on a bed of leftover cilantro stems, and topped with some fresh ground pepper.  Also added was a dash of Brag’s Liquid Aminos, for a little salty (a good salt) kick.

hake, white balsamic, and asparagus ready for nuking


Poach this in the microwave, covered,  for about 1 m 20 s to 1 m 30 s on high.

Nuke time for poaching fish

I also nuked and blanched asparagus.  About two minutes on high, followed by an icy bath of chopped ice.  Brrr..  For this recipe, I was willing to sacrifice temperature heat for vibrant green.

icing my asparagus


Place all of the above on a bed of arugula and spinach and top with the pesto, and voilà!

Cilantro Pecan Pesto Poached Hake Loin on Arugula, Asparagus and Spinach






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