I slam my protein-creatine concoction after every workout in order to:

  1. Nourish my body as quick as possible
  2. Hold me over for my five minute commute home

By the time I do get home, I’m so ravenous I am ready to snarf down any box of kiddy carbohydrate snacks I can get my hands on so I need something that’s quick, and healthy, and satisfying.  This recipe is soooo easy, and so filling that I don’t find myself still reaching for more food 20 minutes later.

It’s the fat and protein.  Both are most tasty and most needed post recovery.   I think a lot of women avoid fat because they are still thinking along the “Old School” lines of nutrition established in the 80’s and 90’s.  It takes fat to lose fat.  I think of my cast iron hibachi grill.  It takes grease to clean off the crusty residue leftover from marinades.  This same process occurs inside our bodies.  AS LONG AS IT’S CLEANSING FATS.  These fats are my Trinity:  EVOO, Safflower, and Grape seed oils, and all are included in my pesto.

In six minutes you can bust up the nasty fat, pamper your taste buds, and relieve your ravenous post-workout need for food.


This mini Foreman grill is still cranking out perfect burgers.

I plug this baby in while I prepare my Spaghetti Squash.  I got these burgers from Costco, and they are AWESOME, no need to season or thaw.  Just throw one down when you’re ready.  Mine took like three or four minutes to grill to perfectness.

I don't CARE if there's gluten in here, this is good stuff.

I don’t CARE if there’s gluten in here, this is good stuff.

And/or.  I used both.  One for one half of my squash, after I scooped out the seeds, and the other for the other half.  I added a little bit of water, and covered with a microwave safe Cling wrap.

Love this stuff.

Love this stuff.

A magic microwave number...

A magic microwave number…


Nuke.  Throw the burger on at about the three minute mark.  It’s your choice, how hot, or done you want yours.

Let it cool a little, and then fluff:

Forking the spaghetti squash…

Add my Cilantro Pecan Pesto (see previous recipe post), and you’re almost there…

I sprinkled my squash boat (why not just eat out of it?  It’s cool looking) with some sweet red pepper for contrast and broke up my salmon burger.

Lunch in less than 10 minutes!

Lunch in less than 10 minutes!




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