Thank  you snow!   I will stop cursing you, because you belong in December and not April.  With inches of the white stuff, school cancellation, and relatively empty gym parking lot, I knew I was could be in for some good stuff.  When I made it to the top floor, and saw the emptiness of the weight area…I thought I might try a new machine without fear of fooling myself out, or end up with one hell off a boot camp session.

That it was!  Total of three.  My trainer/friend/fitness idol, Mr. T (even if was ethical to put his name here, I wouldn’t share…he’s MINE!)  let us lift heavy!  Part of me thinks, it might have been to protect his patience for any and all whining I might throw out during the hour.  In honesty, I would have pulled a toddler tantrum. Well?  I didn’t get my normal Wednesday session in due to issues with the child center’s policies.  And I look forward to my Wednesdays because they motivate me more than anything else I do, or want to do for that matter.  And here’s why:  I lift weights under supervision that some men don’t move.  I have a pretty petite frame, so seeing the power  my little muscles have is awesome to me.  If I can press, push, or lift this with my body, I can do the same with my mind.  And I am; with my blog–and this is just the beginning for me.

When I found out we were going to work on cleans, and clean and presses with weight on the barbell, I could barely contain myself.  This is such a seemingly effortless, and easy move when the pro’s do it, but it takes YEARS to get all the little “details” right.  I did much better, and will pay the price tomorrow, but feel like I’m making progress and feel encouraged to continue to nail this move.  It’s a total body recruitment.  Lats, abs, legs, some shoulders….and even my jaw, I was clenching so hard….everything gets worked.

Mr. T had us do a 5 x5 workout today.  Another treat!!!  This is five sets of five reps, h-e-a-v-y with good form.  I will do twenty-five of anything as log as it’s broken up.  I know there’s a reason and place for high-rep training, but I do not like it Sam-I-Am.  Not in the morning after two rounds of French-pressed coffee, a pound of sugar, or because I’m bored beyond all reason.  Nope.  Hate it.

We did a circuit of deadlifts to cleans to clean and pressing.  I am proud to report ten reps of a 165lb deadlift with good form.  I felt it everywhere but my back.  My abs were engaged, my hamstrings, and to the onlooker my veins in my neck looked like they were about to burst. Follow this with a circuit of 182 lbs death march (plates loaded up on a little sled, that you push as fast as you can), body weight pull-ups, and dumb bell chest press.  I popped those pull ups, tapping my shoulders to the bar, and finishing with a wide grip–mostly to prove to Mr. T that I could perform my last set wide, which is the most difficult grip.  I got four sets of chest press with 40lb dumbbells, my last set being my most awesome set!



Yeah, I’m a happy woman.   I don’t care if this shot is a bit dorky, I did it.   I had a great time, and feel so motivated to continue to fuel my body with the best possible grub.  And I did.  With some pesto, spaghetti squash, and a grilled salmon burger.


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