Today is my off day.  It is my recovery day.  A rest day.  I like to hide on Saturdays when I can.  I avoid the shopping frenzy, and crowds, and irritations that come with them.  My kids like the child care center at my gym, so sometimes I indulge them while I surf the internet in the café, or learn new/interesting/dangerous ways to use the equipment from dumb bell, barbell, cardio, to even jump rope.  I mean this in a loving way, but some moves…they make your jaw drop a bit.

To honor my off day, I’m making a turkey breast!  Not only is this cheaper

You CAN'T get this much lunch meat for THIS price!

You CAN’T get this much lunch meat for THIS price!

than buying a pound of meat sliced, over-salted, and chocked full of enough preservatives a Twinkie would blush, but it’s EASY, and makes your house smell sooooo homey.  Plus I have a neutral protein for any kind of quick dish (or midnight munch attach) I may want to conjure up. I enjoy the fun that goes into each breast, because of HOW I do it.

There is no brining because there’s no open roasting involved.  So, without a need for brining, you let the vessel, seasonings  do all the work.  This does work as long as you don’t peek!  Equipment is simple:

5 1/2 quart enameled cast iron.

I’ve done this with a crock pot as well; basically anything you can lock the steam in and allow the aromatics to permeate the meat.

I like enameled cast iron because it absorbs and evenly distributes heat.  They can be pricy, but they are sooooo worth it.  I have never had something so easy to clean!  You do have to be careful not to chip the enameling because you can get rust from the cast iron beneath, but they are so pretty. I treat my heavy beast (face it, this isn’t your Calphaelon here) as if it was an egg.   Bonus body work: Engaging hips and core while maneuvering it around the stove area.

Herbacious Turkey Breast

1 turkey breast, approximately 7 ½ lbs.

Dried Herbes de Provence

Beau Monde Seasoning (Spice Islands)

Bragg Liquid Aminos

Marsala cooking wine

Fresh garlic cloves

Fresh ground pepper

You don’t have to rinse your turkey.  Throw it in the pot blood and all.  The blood will add flavor for a reduction sauce, glaze, or gravy if you like.

I trimmed excess fat from my breast, as there’s enough hidden that less is more.

Assemble your herbs while your oven preheats to 400 degrees.

Arm yourself.

Loosen the skin so you have pockets for the seasoning.  Great cooking is not for the squeamish…

Just do it.

Season and rub.

Stuff the cavity with parsley and garlic.

Add your Bragg’s

Flip your breast over and add a generous dousing of Marsala.  You could use any wine, beer, or even soda that you like.  It’s your breast, do what you want with it!  But don’t drown it.

Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.

You may have to bake longer at this temperature depending on the size of your turkey.  I like to let my nose guide me. By the time I start to smell my turkey, it’s just about ready for a reduction in temperature.

275 degrees for 3 hours 20 minutes.

Again, it was my nose that “told” me that I needed to slow down the intensity of the oven.

About 2 hours 43 minutes to go!

This is how my workouts contribute to my cooking, and my cooking to my workouts.  It’s not about sautéing yourself to get the results you want.  It’s about low and slow.  Patience.  If you want to shred your abs, you need to take a slow-burn attitude by keeping your body in Zone 1-2, like my turkey breast at 235 F.  It takes time at this pace/temperature; a true lesson in patience.

As tempting as it is, DO NOT OPEN THE LID.  The precious steam will escape.  The same can be said of giving up on your hope of seeing a two pack let alone six pack on your body.  Think steam.  Remember patience.

You let your senses allow you to adjust the intensity to reach optimal results.  And to think I get so much out of making turkey!  Philosophy of Turkey Breast 101 coming at cha!  Who new?

My turkey has fifteen minutes left and has to rest for another twenty, but this entire house smells better than the best  candle Yankee Candle Co. has to offer.

And viola!

Herbacious Turkey Breast!

Now I want to take a moment to share another picture with you.  It is of the bones versus yielded breast meat.


Meat versus bones.

And!  This isn’t all of it.  Before I had a chance to snap the done deal, a hungry family dug in.  Sigh.  No need for a knife, as you can clearly see by the bones.  The meat slides off.  If you didn’t know better, you wouldn’t know this turkey breast wasn’t roasted by a professional.

Yeah, I don’t think this turkey is going to make it in this house too long…Patience pays off.  If I can wait hours for palatery perfection, I can also wait months for the next progression pressing, pushing, or squatting that extra five pounds.  I got this.


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