Let’s face it:  There are times and moments that keep us from the gym, trainer, or running course. This! Is a great workout for those moments.  It’s a total fat shredder!  And depending on self-enthusiasm (and music…it is so key towards the last set) you can really pop this one out.



This is one of my hundie workouts.  Four sets.  25 reps.  Mission completed.  I love this because it’s an all-encompassing-mental-body workout.  Don’t believe me?  You will when you hit your last jump rope set.  Follow my lead; get some high voltage, motivational tunes, look for an OCD spot/speck in eye vicinity, and feel the sculpting.  It seemed like forever for that damn timer to speak up…and I like jumping rope!

 Mr. T swears that every five minutes jumping rope is equal to sprinting a mile.  Huh.  This workout then punishes your bi’s and tri’s, but gets your fat shredding to optimum levels.  This is definitely a workout that needs to be done at least once a week.

Follow the following in this order:

  1.  Push-ups
  2.   Jump rope 5 minutes
  3.   Crossed legged-got-to-pee-jumping jacks
  4.   25lb goblet squat (or body weight)*
  5.   Split lunge jumps  (knee must drop to the floor)
  6.   Ankle weighted abdominal donkey kicks **
  7.   Ankle weighted cross crunches (ankle weights around your wrists for this)***


Use what you have on hand.  No ankle weights?  Use a dumbbell.   No dumbbell?  Use a soup can.  No jump rope?  Do a high knee station jog while rotating an “invisible rope”. Use that body!  Proper form, even without weight, will sculpt you to new and entirely fantastic proportions! 

***The faster you can do this; the better! No worries though, because getting all reps in (even if it takes you 24-hours) is the goal. ***POST your personal best!  Because I’d like to know…

*??? Goblet squat? What the !!! is this?!?

  •  —Take a dumbbell and invert it so it’s an “I” and hold with your palms, as close to your chest as you can.  Recruit your lats and squeeze.  Touch your elbows to knees every time.  Pro’s will find a more narrow stance; shoulder width apart.  Newbie’s will feel more comfortable with a wider/Sumo stance toes slightly pointed outward.  The more you do this movement (pushing through the heels, feeling the hamstrings engage, and abdominals) the more flexible will become! Yoga and twisting movements help as well.

**Reverse Donkey Kicks

  • Wrap your ankles, or grip with a dumbbell between your ankles and flex your feet.  Using your heels, kick.  Heels should never go above shoulder height.  Use the dumbbells as guides to ground your lower back into the floor.  I grip my 25lb dumb bells at shoulder height to “ground” my lower back,   just below my ears.

***Abdominal Weighted Cross Crunches

  • Throw the weight into your wrists or palms; as long as it’s behind your head!  You want to engage and fire those abdominal muscles.  Weight resistance will make them “pop”. Unless you work your abs with weight resistance, they will be “skinny fat” aka teeny yet flabby.

Proof is in the pudding:

This face has been s-m-a-s-s-h-h-e-d by one too many kettle bell swings and practice swings/tucks/and cling to my lats, that..it hates me by now.  I love you Polar!  You rock my clock!

Hundies, anyone?  Thighs don't lie...

Hundies, anyone? Thighs don’t lie…


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