Yoga Weight Training Fusion

Equipment needed:

25lb dumb bells

Yoga Mat


Start out with downward dog, and move into Chataronga (It’s going from a plank position and lowering into a push up slowly). Follow with up dog and push back into downward dog and repeat 25 times.

25 lunges. Step back for this, and let the dumb bells touch underneath the leg that you are lunging with. This is so much more challenging barefoot, and will recruit your core as your body tries to self-stabilize.

25 tree poses with twist right to left. Really squeeze and compress for this one, and as you twist look as far behind you as possible. Feel the stretch and compression ground your body, and your blood surge through your veins as you release.

25 goblet squats.

25 deadlifts. Keep the dumb bells close to your body, and really feel the stretch and contraction as you pull up and thrust your hips. You shouldn’t feel anything awkward in your lower back, or your form is off. Really think about pushing your butt out as you lower the dumb bells to the floor. If this is too difficult, drop one of your 25’s. However, done properly, this should feel really good!

25 second twist and bind left and right. Hook your left leg around your right as far as you can, and sit back as if you were going to sit in a chair, but had to pee really badly. Wrap your arms under each other so that your left finger tips are stretching into your right palm. Squeeze and feel your strength. It helps to have a focal point on a wall or just in front of you on the floor.

25 chest presses. Because I’m on the floor, I can’t get a full range of motion, but I can work on engaging different muscles by twisting my dumb bells, or using a dumb bell fly motion.

25 dumb bell rows

Airplane. 25 second both sides. Feel your chest expand, and glutes squeeze as you lean deeper into the stretch. Feel your fingertips reach as far as they can and then reach them farther.

25 full range sit ups. I hooked my toes under my dumb bells, and really concentrated on contraction, and breathing. There was no burn, no fire in the belly. And it’s not always necessary, because there is a LOT more to be gained through proper form, and I’ve been engaging my core this entire workout. If you feel a need for more resistance, take it! Place one of the dumb bells on your chest and squeeze the other in-between your feet, so you can be grounded. Bonus workout

25 behind the head triceps extensions. Cradle one of your dumb bells in both hands, and lower no farther than the back of your neck. This protects you, and isolates those muscles.

Child’s pose. 25 deep breaths. Slow, deep, and controlled. Feel those inner abdominals push the tension, toxins, and fears from your mind and body.

Ahh!  You’re done, and hopefully feel as sloppy-relaxed as I do!



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