I would have to really, really, really like a person to try their tuna. I know me and my gag reflex would most certainly take over, and their tuna would end up in places it shouldn’t.  And it’s because of how people like to prepare it:  Slathered in mayo, at room temperature, with knows what kinds of crunchy veggies in there, or even fruit!  Who knows because you can’t see past the gallon of mayo.  Or in a hot cheesy, mayo ridden casserole with crunched up potato chips?  Potato chips!  Why?!

I have not let other’s tuna keep me from perfecting my own. There are so many endearing qualities for tuna:  It’s a great protein source, with BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids) that are easily digestible–probably why so many body builders and fitness competitors have pantries floor to ceiling with cans of the stuff.  It’s portable as well; I take cans with me on family vacations so I don’t have to eat restaurant food for every meal or snack.

Here’s one of my takes on tuna.  Rest assured, you will never find mayo in any of my tuna recipes.  Try it.  Take a bite out of my tuna….tuna you can be proud to make yourself and  to share with others.


1/3 measuring cup

can opener

comfortable knife for chopping


6 oz can of tuna

sundried tomatoes in oil

fresh garlic

sweet onion

sweet yellow bell pepper

asparagus (steamed)



white balsamic vinegar

grape seed, safflower, and EVOO oils

fresh ground pepper

pine nuts

hot sauce or red pepper flakes

fresh lemon


Pepper, add a little water, cover, and nuke for a couple of minutes.

Pepper, add a little water, cover, and nuke for a couple of minutes.

I just chopped this zucchini that looked up at me, begging to be steamed.  I used a couple of small ones.  I prefer the smaller squash because they have a really intense flavor, versus the larger ones that taste watery.

6 oz can of tuna and diced sweet onion.

6 oz can of tuna and diced sweet onion.


Yellow sweet pepper.


2/3 cup of the zucchini.



1/3 cup of chopped Asparagus.

I love asparagus!  I used leftovers, and used them.  They are very complimentary for the end result.


Juice of 1/2 fresh lemon.




Sundried tomatoes in oil.

I get these from my grocery off the olive bar.  They’re fresh, and perfectly marinated.  Chop and add.  Also ad (not pictured) about 3 cloves of garlic through a press.  This really gets the juices and oils out, and in small enough pieces it can marinade throughout the tuna.



1/3 c pine nuts.

These are so buttery, and slightly piney.  I always have these on hand.


1/3 c feta chopped.


1/3 c combined oils: Grape seed, Safflower, EVOO, and part of the sundried tomato oil.

1/3 c White Balsamic.

Yes, this is a lot of liquid, but trust me it will work.  This vinegar is mild and slightly fruity.  It really brings out all the flavors.  Plus it gives you options later if you want to add more tuna, or more veggies.

World’s Best Habanero Sauce: MINE!

Really be careful here.  Depending on what’s in your favorite hot sauce, you could kill this.  I started making my own because of the funky undertones, salt, and vinegars in many others proclaiming to be “hot.”  I added to my taste.  Red pepper flakes are a total thumbs up here as an alternative.



See? I carefully arranged each ingredient, so they could really stand out.

Have fun with your layering, but try not to mash everything together.  You want to want others to want your tuna, not be left alone with the fork!


I’d try this. How about you?

1/3 c dished on a bed of arugula and baby spinach, with a side of sliced avocado and extra zucchini.

This is how I had mine when it was all done.  But you could also serve with crostini’s, or over chilled pasta and turn Taste MY Tuna!  into How Do You Like MY Tuna Now?! Your tuna will no longer be snubbed, boring, or lethal.





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